Calm Stars Birth Grip - Labour Aid

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Calm Stars Birthing Grip

How do they work?

During labour a woman needs to maintain levels of a hormone called Oxytocin (also known as 'the happy hormone'). Stress can reduce Oxytocin and labour will slow down. A perfect example of this could be elevated stress levels when the woman transfers from familiar home surroundings to the unfamiliar hospital environment.

To counter the known effects of stress on labour, professionals spend a lot of time and education on the use of distraction to maintain good Oxytocin levels during labour. This starts well ahead of labour with familiarisation trips to hospital or writing a birth plan. A supportive birthing partner will also help maintain these levels.

During labour simple ideas to help maintain good levels of Oxytocin could include bringing familiar items from home, wearing your own clothing, listening to soothing music, reducing lighting levels and the use of birthing pools.
Further options such as the use of electrical pain suppressors (TENS machines) and hospital administered drugs - from gas and air (Entonox) through to epidurals - may also be required to help maintain a calm mind throughout labour. 

The Calm Stars Birth Grip is an invaluable aid to the labouring Mum. The squeeze and release motion offers comfort to the woman and suppresses any anxieties by means of distraction. By remaining calm she can focus on the positive life altering experience that childbirth should be.

  • Ergonomic star shape and material that moulds naturally to the hands.
  • Encourages the woman to focus on the positive by distraction and comfort.
  • A positive point of focus for the mother-to-be will help baby.
  • Lightweight and portable. Requires no bulky batteries, power packs, drugs, cases.
  • Easy to operate and use. No instructions required. Instinctive to use.
  • Supportive towards the expectant mother and her natural instincts.
  • Hygienic to clean and use.
  • Non-invasive and safe to use at any stage even during the actual birth.
  • Calm Stars Birth Grips have been tested at all stages of labour.


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