At Birth Supplies we are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy or all our customers and visitors.
The information collected from our customers is used for billing and administrative purposes only and will be kept confidential. Information collected will be contact details and payment information only. No credit or debit card data is stored.
When visitors use the website, information such as the ISP's domain, the time accessed and the pages visited will be stored by us. This is to allow us to analyse the web traffic and improve site content.
We have taken security measures to ensure that our customers are protected against loss, alteration or misuse.

Only authorised personnel have access to customer details and passwords are changed regularly.

Cookies set by Birth Supplies

When browsing the Internet and using online services, small amounts of information may be placed on your device including small files known as cookies. These cannot be used to identify you. but are used by us to improve our services for you. For example: You can read more about cookies here.

Birth Supplies uses cookies in a number of places. We’ve listed them below with more details about why we use them and how long they will last:
Name Purpose Content Expires
ekmPowershop_cookie Ascertains your country to offer correct currency for transactions Your country and currency On Exit
ASP Session ID Tracks your visit to our website Unique ID On Exit

Logging in to the ekmPowershop system
After viewing our website and logging into our system, you will receive more cookies to allow for a more bespoke user experience, these cookies are listed below:

Birth Supplies Cookies
Birth Supplies will deliver cookies to visitors' browsers, these are listed below:
Name Purpose Content Expires
ekm_USERNAME Tests if cookies are enabled on the visitors browser TestCookies=ACTIVE&RS=FALSE&
72 hrs (3 days)
ekm_pp_USERNAME Stores a unique reference to visitors cart contents. Stores authentication details for customer logged in section. Unique ID On Exit
ekm_tmp_ORDERNUMBER Stores a reference to the visitors order number after an order has been generated. Unique ID On Exit

Third Party Cookies
We use a number of third party suppliers who may also set cookies on their websites. Birth Supplies has no control over the usage of these cookies. Check the third party websites for more information about their cookies.