Birth Essentials 75cm Birthing Ball & Pump
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75 cm quality birth ball
£ 12.99

75cm Anti-Burst Birthing Ball & Pump by Birth Essentials

Includes 3 x instruction books:

  • Instructions for use
  • During Pregnancy
  • During labour

The Birth Essentials birthing ball is a top-quality ball, firmer than a standard gym ball. It comes complete with a dual action fast inflate pump.

The ball is latex-free and made with a new homogeneous material which is less slippery and warmer to the touch than PVC, making it perfect to use during pregnancy and labour. 

The ball has anti-burst properties, preventing a sudden loss of pressure if it becomes punctured. This means that if you       accidentally puncture the ball whilst it is in use it will deflate gradually, thus preventing injury to yourself or baby.

(Some cheaper gym balls do not conform to this standard and can deflate more like a balloon, making them unsuitable for   pregnant women).


  • Helps alleviate backache during pregnancy.
  • Low impact exercise. 
  • Helps to strengthen mum for the birth.
  • Can aid foetal positioning before labour starts.
  • Can help you find a comfortable position during labour - either seated of leaning against the ball - aiding progression of labour & uterine dilation.

These balls are ideal for home and hospital use. If in doubt, please consult your midwife before embarking on any exercise regime.

Conforms to European Safety Standard TUV Gs.
Tested to 300kg.


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