Birth Pool in A Box - Eco Regular Plus Pool and Liner
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The 2 person home birth pool
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Eco Regular Plus Pool with Liner

Today more and more women are making the informed decision to give birth at home with the help of a birthing pool. In addition to pain relief and body mobility, most Mums claim that birthing in water decreases tearing, increases relaxation and makes their birth the enjoyable experience it should be.

The Birth Pool in a Box remains a firm favourite with mums & midwives with over 10,000 mums choosing the pool worldwide.

With a host of unique features its quality speaks for itself.

Benefits of Birth Pool in a Box:
  • Strong double reinforced handles that are up to any strain a labouring mother may inflict on them.
  • 3 separate wall chambers allow you to adjust the height should it be required, and give triple peace of mind.
  • Opaque outer wall gives privacy whilst the clear internal wall gives the feeling of space.
  • White floor allows the midwife greater visibility of the mother and baby during labour and birth.
  • Strong walls that will take the weight of a 15 stone person (We will let you ask your midwife how much she weighs).
  • Internal seat in the Regular size pool giving you an ideal resting place between contractions, kneeling place during contractions & makes mum accessible for the midwife without the need to get out of the birth pool.
Regular Birth Pool:

The Regular pool is the largest inflatable pool currently available. It boasts a host of new features to give expectant mums a stress free birth. It is used up & down the UK by hospitals, Birth Centres and midwives. We believe it is the best value pool on the market today.

Don't forget to order your accessories here.


 - 6 handles - 2 side, 2 top & 2 bottom.
 - Internal seat.
 - Cup Holder. 
 - External dimensions: max length 193cm (76"), max width 165cm (65"), max height 76cm (30").
 - Internal dimensions: max length 142cm (56"), max width 114cm (45"), max depth 69cm (27").
 - Water capacity: 650 litres - 80% filled, 730 litres - 90% filled.
 - Floor inflated to 6cm depth, so well cushioned.
 - Filled weight (with labouring mum) 730-770kg.
 - Unfilled weight 9kg.
 - Box size (incl. kit) 44 x 48 x 40cm.


Pool - 0.38mm eco-friendly PVC. 
Liner - 0.20mm eco-friendly PVC.

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