We are constantly monitoring and keeping abreast of developments with the Covid-19 outbreak and we can confidently assure our customers that we have their best interests at the forefront of our business.

  • We are certified ISO 9001/2015. This means that our procedures are independently verified and checked to ensure that we meet or exceed the required standard so that you, our customer, can have absolute confidence in our company and our products.
  • All of our recent imports of birth pool liners were sent from China in December. The product travelled by shipping container and arrived from Guangdong into the UK after a 35 day transit as storms on the high seas slowed their movement and disembarkation. The best medical advice we have is that this period would have been sufficient to effectively reduce any risk of transmission to net zero.
  • We do not commission third party warehousing to store and manage our stock. This means that we can ensure that we have confidence that our procedures are maintained at all times and in all processes. Our warehouse is based in rural Lincolnshire and our small, dedicated team handle your goods to the highest standards to ensure that everything you purchase will arrive to you in a safe and timely manner.
  • As we only have permanent employees working for us, we can categorically state that they have been trained to the highest standards in the handling of your goods. In addition, we are able to guarantee to our customers that none of our staff have been outside of the UK within the last 4 months.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding Covid-19, please do not hesitate to call us on 01526 3442266