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Digital thermometer oral temperature
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Digital oral/ under arm thermometer.

Easy to use digital oral thermometer suitable for all ages especially babies, young children and the elderly. This oral thermometer is the standard rigid probe model, suitable for oral use. Packaged in a clear plastic case with full instructions and battery included.

Metal tip for ease of cleaning. Can be used for your pool birth to check water temp and re-used for baby after

Product Specifications
Temperature Range: +32 to +42°C
Ambient Temperature during use: +5 to +35°C (<80% RH)
Storage Temperature: -25 to +55°C (<95% RH)
Divisions: 0.1°C
Accuracy: +/-0.1°C between 35.5 and 42°C, otherwise +/-0.2°C
Battery: LR41 or equivalent x 1 piece (Included)

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