Mini Birth Pool in a Box with Liner
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Mini pool & liner
£ 158.99
Birth Pool in a Box Eco Mini Plus with Liner

The Mini Birth Pool In a Box if the perfect size for most living rooms. Suitable for mums up to 5 7 it is not as 'Mini' as it sounds!
It boasts the deepest water level available than any other pool of similar size on the market.

Three Independent Chambers:
The sides are made of 3 independent tubular chambers stacked on top of each other. If one of them should puncture by accident, only 1/3 of the wall height will be lost.

Comfortable and Welcoming:
The pool looks welcoming and the inflated sides are comfortable to rest on. This is conducive to your relaxation which will enhance the production of the hormone Oxytocin thus optimising your labour.

Double-Reinforced Handles:
Mums requested strong handles on the outside of the pool for them to use when leaning on the side facing out. They are angled at 30 degrees for comfort and also assist in securing the disposable liner in place.

Sturdy Sides for Birth Partner / Midwives to Offer Support from any Position:
Once the pool is filled, the sides are sturdy enough for a 15 stone (95.5kg) person to sit on the side without collapsing it.

Every One Factory Tested:
For your peace of mind every single pool is inflated and left for 8 hours before testing and packing. Then 5-10% are randomly tested by independent inspectors. This means structural integrity you can depend on.

Fast to Inflate and Fill:
Any hand or electric pump with standard fittings can be used to fill the pool in about 10 minutes. NB - some cheaper inflate pumps being sold as part of birth kits may not be powerful enough to fill the pool to the required pressure.
Water filling time depends on your hot water system. This Mini pool holds the equivalent of approximately 2.5 bathtubs of water.

Proven in the Field:
Birth Pool in a Box pools have been used successfully for labour and birth by thousands of women in Britain, Europe, Australasia and North America.

Backed up by Great Service:
Delivery of all our pools is FREE to UK mainland or for a small fee you can upgrade to Next Day delivery.

Choice of Accessories to Suit your Needs:
You can buy as much or as little as you need for your pool. Why not see our Water Birth Accessories.

  • Internal seat.
  • External max length 165cm (65").
  • External max width 145cm (57").
  • External height 71cm (28").
  • Internal max length 114cm (45").
  • Internal max width 94cm (37").
  • Internal depth 66cm (26").
  • Water capacity 480 litres - 80% filled, 530 litres - 90% filled.
  • Filled weight (with labouring mum) 560-600kg.

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