America's Number one selling birth pool - Now available in the UK

Birth Supplies is proud to have teamed up with Oasis Waterbirth to bring you the best selling Pool from America. Bringing quality and affordability to the UK.

The benefits of waterbirth to both the baby and mum are well known the world over. 
The Oasis birth pool range has been designed by US Midwife Debra Nelson in partnership with Midwives and hospitals across the USA.
Its unique wave structure coupled with its opaque sides brings a peaceful and calming place for you to bring your baby into the world. 
This pool is already the first choice of private Midwives in the UK.

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Oasis Birthing Pools to BUY
Oasis Elite Birthing Pool
Oasis Elite Birthing Pool
Great Birth Pool from Oasis
Oasis Elite Birthing Pool and Liner
Oasis Elite Birthing Pool and Liner
Elite Birth Pool with Liner
Oasis Elite Birthing Pool Complete Kit
Oasis Elite Birthing Pool Complete Kit
Oasis Elite Complete Birth Pool Kit
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M Seddon
Professional service
I have dealt with these people many times and find them to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Nothing is too much trouble and always happy to advise me on my best options. They quickly deliver exactly what I need when I need it.