cuski miniboo
Cuski Miniboo 2 pk baby comfort blanket
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Cuski Miniboo

These Cuski Miniboos are available in 3 colours made from bamboo or Ellie Miniboo made from brushed cotton in a vibrant unisex design! 
One for mummy and one for baby!

Cuski tiny Miniboos are used with babies who are born too soon. They are part of the developmental care programme on the NICU or SCBU in UK hospitals. When babies are in the incubators, and poorly, it is advised not to over handle. This means mummies and daddies cannot always have those precious cuddles that help with the important parent/baby 
bonding process.

With Cuski Miniboo, all mum has to do is keep it on her person to pick up all those lovely mummy smells and then place it next to baby in the incubator. This way, baby can smell mummy and by swapping the 2 Miniboos mummy can smell baby too, which in turn, if breast feeding, will help the milk flow. Research from midwives have also noted Miniboo has helped lower baby's blood pressure.

Can also be used with twins that have been separated.