Hospital Bag

Even if you're planning to have a home birth it is advisable to have a bag packed just in case you need to transfer to hospital in a hurry.

Birth Supplies have put together a selection of items to ensure you don't forget something you use daily.


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10pk Disposable Maternity Briefs

Super soft disposable pants 10pk

5pk Net Stretch Disposable Pants XXL

5 pack of XXL disposable pants

7pk Disposable Maternity Briefs
Disposable maternity briefs 7pk
Natracare Maternity Pads with Organic Cotton Cover Pk  10
Natracare maternity pads with organic cotton cover
Pk 12 Maternity Towels
Towels especially designed for heavy flow
Pk 10 Extra-Thin Maternity Towels
Extra-thin towels designed for heavy flow
Weleda Arnica 30c Tablets
To assist fast healing and swelling reduction
Nelsons Arnica 30c Pillules
To assist fast healing and swelling reduction
Ainsworths Arnica 30c Tablets
For fast healing and swelling reduction
Disposable Slippers
Perfect for using during labour - or just pack them in your hospital bag
2pk Face Cloths
Multi purpose
Travel Wash Set
Perfect for your hospital bag
Disposable Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Perfect for your hospital bag
5 Piece Travel Bottle Set with Pouch
Perfect for your hospital bag
Perfect Sleep Set
Helps you sleep on a busy hospital ward or at home
3pk Hair Bands
To keep your hair out the way
Handy Pack Tissues
Always have a tissue to hand
3pk Muslin Squares 100% Cotton
Essential new baby product
Organic Cotton Wool Pleat 100g
Kind to baby and the environment
Organic Cotton Wool Balls
Kind to baby and the environment
Cotton Wool Pleat 200g

Easy tear

Mini Hot Water Bottle
A simple & effective heat pack
Reusable Hot / Cold Gel Pack
Hot or cold pain relief
Inflatable Pillow
Additional comfort
Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow
Can be used anywhere
Baby Blanket
Super soft blanket
Booklite LED Torch
Perfect for writing notes in darkened rooms