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About Us

Birth Supplies works closely with Midwives, Doulas and Antenatal Teachers to bring together a range of products that are both practical and inexpensive. We can supply everything you need for a water birth, home birth or hospital delivery. We can help you look at your options and offer a listening ear with any queries.

We have a trained Doula, a trained midwife and a trained nurse working in our offices to offer you the best service we possibly can. Everyone in the office is also a parent, so we have experience from that side of the fence as well!

Midwives and Health Professionals or a home birth group?

Would you like to promote your group on our site?

We support a number of home birth groups locally and are always happy to do what we can to advertise and support anything connected to home birth. If you would like us to mention your group please send us details via the contact us page, or call us on 01526 344 266. We are not a retail store but you are welcome to collect your order - just contact us first to arrange it.

Unit 1 & 2
Coldham Road Industrial Estate

Meet the Team
Pamela - Customer Services, Product Development - Trained Doula

A Mother of two, Pam is where it all started. Missing out on a home birth herself she was determined to help others achieve what they wanted for their birth. If you call us you will most likely get through to Pamela. She trained as a Doula but it soon became clear that birth supplies would take up her time - and she has been asked anything and everything relating to birth! Pamela has attended a number of births both at home and in hospital, so she has seen and heard from both sides of the birth equation!

Bev - Administration & Hires - Trained Nurse & Midwife.
Bev works in the office with Pamela and is often found at her computer dealing with general admin & updating our websites; or ensuring the smooth running of our Hire department. She is a Mum of 2 and spent a number of years working in the both the NHS & private sector first as a nurse, and later as a midwife. Bev also trained as a massage therapist and has an interest in Complementary Therapies. Recently Bev has sorted us all out with Quality management and it is thanks to Bev and Sam that we are now the proud supporter of our ISO 9001 : 2015 certificate

Jo - Accounts
Jo is the newest member of our team and deals with all the in-house accounts. She is also Mum to two young boys. We keep her busy at work, and the boys keep her busy at home!

Erin - Data Input & Branding
Erin does a lot of our data input for us and works closely with Kiera on the in house branding. Very thorough and precise, Erin is perfect for those jobs that require extra attention to detail.

Kiera - Branding & Marketing
Kiera does a lot of our marketing and in house branding, as well as our online marketing, Our youngest Team member she understands the 'social media' better than us oldies who still use a phone to call friends.

Darren - Warehouse Manager
Darren manages our warehouse team. We have a very good reputation for speedy dispatch and Darren works hard with his team to ensure all goods leave the warehouse accurately and in a timely manner. Any problems with couriers or parcels then Darren is your man.

Dan - Dispatch
Dan is your man for 'Pick, Pack & Dispatch'. He can also turn his hand to 'Goods In' and anything else we throw at him! Dan is a Dad to two - seems to be a theme!! with a new baby keeping him on his toes.

Sam – Web Design - Procurement
Sam manages our new product procurement. We keep her busy, yet we are always amazed by how much she achieves in a day.

That’s the team so far. Not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but we all work well together, and offer a wide range of complementary skills.