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180 x 90cm extra long Disposable & Absorbent pads for Floor & Bed pk 2
A†pack of†2†extra large super absorbent disposable bed pads
personal protective equipment pack
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Pack
single trip PPE pack
beautiful birth kit
Beautiful Birth Kit
A beautifully packaged set that is ideal for preparing for birth and using during birth
affirmation light string
Affirmation LED Light String
String of 22 LED boxes you can put your favorite words in
patient ppe pack
Patient PPE Pack
PPE pack for professionals
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cinematic light box
Affirmation A5 Cinematic Light box
A5 light box for affirmations or announcements
energising incense sticks
Energising Incense Sticks
To recharge your senses
Affirmation Speech Bubble LED Light Box
Affirmation Speech Bubble LED Light Box
LED speech bubble light box for affirmations or announcements
Beautiful Birth Massage Oil
Ideal for a calm and relaxed birth
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The Original Water Birth / Examination Mirror
Perfect for water births or allowing you to see baby being born
Spritz Bottle 50ml
Spritz/spray bottle 50ml
Cetro Umbilical Cord Ring
Unobtrusive alternative to cord clamps
Non-Latex Cetro Umbilical Cord Ring
Unobtrusive alternative to bulky cord clamps
Inflatable Pillow
Additional comfort
SMALL Deluxe Anti-slip Floor Sheet
Non tear, non-slip 1.6 x 1.2m
5 pk 90 x 60cm Disposable & Absorbent pads for Floor & Bed
5 pk 90 x 60cm Disposable & Absorbent pads for Floor & Bed
A†pack of†5†super absorbent disposable bed pads with.
Disposable Closed Toe Slippers
Perfect for using during labour - or just pack them in your hospital bag
Natural Honey & Lime Lipbalm
Made to nourish and moisturise lips
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3pk Hair Bands
To keep your hair out the way
Angled Medical Examination Mirror
perfectly angled to allow you and your midwife to see baby
Professional Mirror
Larger mirror for water births
Scented Tealights
That little bit extra relaxation
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Lavender Incense Sticks
Relax with a lavender aroma
Heavy Duty Degradable Bin Liners
Ready and waiting for cleaning up
Reusable Hot / Cold Gel Pack
Hot or cold pain relief
Relaxing Incense Sticks
Create a calm, restful atmosphere
Stress Relief Incense Sticks
For relief of stress
Mini Hot Water Bottle
A simple & effective heat pack
Wooden Incense Holder
Traditional wooden incense holder
Wheat style Moist Heat Pack
Natural pain relief
Shaped Koolbead reusable Heat and Cool Pack
Simply heat in the microwave
Waterproof Torch by Energizer
Can be used in the birth pool
3pk LED Flickering Tealights
Safe to leave tealights
Out Of Stock
Pack of 20 unscented tealights
Clean Up Kit
Everything you need to clean up in one handy pack
hand held fan with batteries
Hand Held Fan with Batteries
Hand Held Mini Fan
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M Seddon
Professional service
I have dealt with these people many times and find them to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Nothing is too much trouble and always happy to advise me on my best options. They quickly deliver exactly what I need when I need it.