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Birth Pool and TENS Hires
Birth Supplies, The largest Birth pool hire company in the UK with over 1000 pools stocked. Supplier to the NHS. Established 1997. 5 Million public liability.
Water Birth Accessories
Water is one of the best forms of pain relief during labour,the birthing pools availabel at home birth supplies brings you everything you need to achive the home birth you want
La Bassine Pools to buy
The LaBassine home birth pool available in stock for next day delivery from home birth supplies, THE home for water birth pools in the UK
Pre Birth
Preparing yourself for a new baby at home or in water, from music to oils, books to remedies
Home birth supplies specialises in products for a home birth. Including land or Water. All the items your midwife has asked you to get for your home birth. Practical products under one roof
Hospital Bag
Preparing a hospital bag makes sense even if you are planning to birth at home, If you need to go in you are not running round trying to remember what you need
Lavender is renowned for it's relaxing properties. here we have lavender items in abundance & a very relaxed office!
TENS machines for labour and a brilliant non chemical way to relieve pain in labour
Birth Balls & Stools
Complete range of Birthing Balls for Labour Birth and regaining fitness The Birthing Ball is a well know aid for active labour At Birth Supplies we
After Birth & Healing
After Delivery Healing After baby is here your world is centred very much around your new addition Birth Supplies offers you a comprehensive
Colostrum & Breastfeeding supplies
Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beneficial activities for mother and baby There is no other single action by which a mother can so
Award winning products designed to aid babies transition from the womb to the world. From Swaddling to comforters.A happy & rested baby = a happy & rested mum
Midwives & Trade
We are pleased to introduce a range of products with the midwife in
Available whilst stock
Welcome To Birth Supplies
Labour and Birth, Home or Hospital we have the largest range of birthing pools and products for Mums, Midwives, Doulas, Birth Centres and the NHS.

Birth Supplies works closely with Midwives, Doulas and Antenatal Teachers to bring together a range of products that are both practical and inexpensive for your birth. We can supply everything you need for a water birth, home birth or hospital delivery. We can help you look at your options and offer a listening ear with any queries.

We have a trained Doula, a trained midwife and a trained nurse working in our offices to offer you the best service we possibly can. Everyone in the office is also a parent, so we have experience from that side of the fence as well!

Mia Via Professional fully adjustable birthing pool -  Oasis birthing pools - Birth pool in a box - Made in water's LaBassine birth pool 
Our Featured Products
 lattice shawl
Silvercloud Lattice Shawl
Silvercloud Lattice Shawl
block chevron shawl
Silvercloud Block Chevron Shawl
Silvercloud Block Chevron Shawl
patchwork cable knit shawl
Silvercloud Patchwork Cable Knit Shawl
Silvercloud Patchwork Cable Shawl
universal birth pool liner
Universal Birth Pool Liner
Universal Birth Pool Liner for all Birth Pool makes and sizes.
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magical wool
Magical Wool
Magical Wool has skin care and anti-inflammatory properties
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Our Latest Arrivals
Perfect Mama+ TENS
Perfect Mama+ TENS
Perfect Mama+ TENS pain relief during and after labour.
Wheat style Moist Heat Pack
Lavender & Wheat Heat Pack
MiaVia Tranquility Birth Pool Liner
Spare liner for test runs for our MiaVia Tranquility pool hire
pura eco baby wipes
Pura Eco Baby Wipes (pack of 70)
Pura Eco Baby Wipes are Earth and baby bottom friendly. Made in the UK.
Oasis Elite Birthing Pool Complete Kit
Oasis Elite Birthing Pool Complete Kit
Oasis Elite Complete Birth Pool Kit