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Water Birth Accessories
patient ppe pack
Patient PPE Pack
PPE pack for professionals
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personal protective equipment pack
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Pack
single trip PPE pack
collapsible bucket
Collapsible Bucket
Collapsible bucket
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deluxe birth pool kit
Deluxe Birth Pool Kit Box
Already have a birth pool and liner? This kit includes everything you need plus a few extras
cinematic light box
Affirmation A5 Cinematic Light box
A5 light box for affirmations or announcements
affirmation light string
Affirmation LED Light String
String of 22 LED boxes you can put your favorite words in
speech bubble led light box
Affirmation Speech Bubble LED Light Box
LED speech bubble light box for affirmations or announcements
universal birth pool liner
Universal Birth Pool Liner
Universal Birthing Pool Liner - compatible with all Birth Pool in a Box pools including Pro and Personal Regular and Mini
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Essentials Birth Pool Kit
Essentials Birth Pool Kit
Basic Birth Pool Kit
Basic filling & emptying kit
Electric Inflate / Deflate Pump
Our own brand air pump to save you money
Multi Use Submersible Water Pump
Multi use water pump
Emergency Foil Blanket 1 x 2m
A life saver
Pro Mini Birth Pool in a Box Liner
Genuine Birth pool in a Box Mini pool liner
Out Of Stock
Vital to ensure your birthing pool water is the correct temperature for delivery
The Original Water Birth / Examination Mirror
Perfect for water births or allowing you to see baby being born
15cm Water Strainer/Sieve
Plastic water strainer sieve for straining debris when emptying the water from your birth pool
La Bassine Pool Liner
Fitted liner for La Bassine birth pool
La Bassine Maxi Pool Liner
Fitted liner for La Bassine MAXI pool
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Non-Slip Matting
Soft on the feet
Inflatable Pillow
Additional comfort
SMALL Deluxe Anti-slip Floor Sheet
Non tear, non-slip 1.6 x 1.2m
2pk Polythene Sheets
2.7 x 2.7m
Disposable Slippers
Perfect for using during labour - or just pack them in your hospital bag
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Non Toxic Food Grade Hose pipe - 10m
10 metre Food Grade hose for filling and emptying any birth pool
Non Toxic Food Grade Hose pipe - 15m
15 metre Food Grade hose for filling and emptying your pool
Angled Medical Examination Mirror
perfectly angled to allow you and your midwife to see baby
Professional Mirror
Larger mirror for water births
Scoop Thermometer
Water scoop thermometer
Digital Thermometer
A floating, waterproof digital thermometer.
Standard Round Tap Connector
Small round tap connector
Large Round Mixer Tap Connector
to connect hose to tap
Large Square Mixer Tap Connector
to connect hose to tap
Mixer Tap Adaptor
Fits standard kitchen and bathroom mixer taps
RCD Adaptor
Life-saving electric shock prevention
Head Torch
Hands-free illumination
Small Kneeling Pad
17cm x 38cm
Step Stool
to aid you getting in & out of your birth pool
Waterproof Torch by Energizer
Can be used in the birth pool
Pk 50 Disposable Gauntlets
Longer arm length for added protection
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M Seddon
Professional service
I have dealt with these people many times and find them to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Nothing is too much trouble and always happy to advise me on my best options. They quickly deliver exactly what I need when I need it.