Complete Deluxe Birth Pool Kit Box
Code: BP-DK
£ 46.99
Longer 15mt Hose (£5.00)

Deluxe Filling & Emptying Birth Pool Kit 

Our deluxe filling & emptying kit has everything you need apart from the pool and liner, plus a few extras & saves you £££.


Filling Hose:

This kit comes with a 10m food grade hose pipe. If you need a longer hose this can be selected using the check box.
Made to EU standards the hose is lead, cadmium and phalates-free so that these potentially harmful elements and compounds are not present in the manufacture. See here for further information on the benefits of our food grade hoses. Fits all standard tap connectors.

Tap Connectors:

Both square mixer & round: fit most UK taps. If it does not fit your kitchen tap don't forget to try the bathroom, utility or cloakroom!
Max tap diameter for round connector is 18mm.
Max tap dimensions for multi-purpose connector: width 32mm, height 40mm.


A much overlooked necessity. You can labour with the pool at whatever temperature you find comfortable, however the temperature during the actual birth has to be just right to prevent both you and baby overheating. This disposable thermometer takes the guesswork out of getting the temperature right.


A midwife necessity - for removing anything required from the pool (small faecal matter etc.)

Large Floor Sheet:

Floor sheet ideal for keeping floor safe. 
These come in both white and blue so you may get either colour
1.8 x 1.8m.

Non-Slip Matting:

Ideal for ensuring a safe surface for entering and exiting the birth pool.
Soft to touch & fully waterproof.
80 x 30cm approx.

Electric Submersible Pump:

Ideal for emptying the birth pool after use.
240v, UK plug.

Electric Inflate / Deflate Pump:

For fast inflation / deflation of your birth pool.
Comes with 3 different nozzles.
UK & Ireland 3-pin plug.

Pair Disposable Slippers:

White towelling slippers.
One size fits all.
Perfect for wearing during your birth.

Heavy Duty Bin Liner
Striped Bin Liner
Pair Gauntlets
Disposable Apron

All these items are very useful after the birth when you're cleaning up. No need to worry about forgetting something if you have these to hand.
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