Universal Birth Pool Liner
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Universal Pool Liner
used at 5500** birth anually in the UK alone and forms part of the NHS framework agreement.

Our universal birth pool liner, has been developed to bring a cost effective option to the original Birth Pool in a Box liners and obsolete pools like the Aquaborn.
Made from the same 22mm PVC as manufactures liners it boasts an anti slip embossing and hose holder. 

  • Quality
  • Simplicity
  • Cost effective
  • Used by the NHS (part of the framework agreement)
  • Can be used without affecting pool warranty* (there is no warranty on a second hand pool)
  • Conforms to ALL UK & EU standards for birth pool liners including the global ISO 9001 standard.

Made of  the same quality 0.22mm eco-PVC as the original liners (meaning it meets EU regulations on phtalate content) and is free from cadmium, lead and latex.

Our Universal Birth Pool Liner is longer than any of the fitted liners currently on the market, meaning that a greater proportion of the outer pool wall is covered - again making cleaning up so much easier. 

The Universal Birthing Pool Liner feels softer than other liners meaning less noisy rustling when you are trying to 'get in the zone' and allows for softer draping of the liner and an easier fit.
It is manufactured using the same procedures as the Branded liners

The Birth Supplies Universal Birth Pool Liner is compatible with any of the inflatable birth pools currently on the market.

Compatible With:
  • Birth Pool in a Box Mini eco
  • Birth Pool in a Box Regular eco
  • Birth Pool in a Box Professional Mini
  • Birth Pool in a Box Professional Regular
  • LaBassine Maxi
  • Aquaborn
  • In fact all styles currently available in the UK
Take the guesswork out of your waterbirth.

Birth Supplies are exclusive distributors of the Universal Birth Pool Liner in the UK & EU. Looking to buy trade - why not give us a call.

UK - Consumer Rights Act 2015 - http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2015/15/contents means it cannot and does not void your warranty - Why? Because it is against the law to remove a warranty from a pool for using this liner. Simple as that. 

**On average

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