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universal birth pool liner
Universal Liner - compatible with all inflatable pools on the market
An essential piece of kit
Quick-release tourniquet
Bulk Buy / Wholesale birth mirrors
For auscultation of FH
Unobtrusive alternative to cord clamps
Unobtrusive alternative to bulky cord clamps
Amniotic membrane perforators
Compact cord clamps
For taking blood pressure
Choice of colours
Professional Stethoscope
Teaching aid
Water-soluble lubrigel
Easy to use
Makes specimen collection easy
Single use tape measures
Easy to use sterilisation pouches
For the examination couch
Disposable sleeve protectors
Heavy duty submersible clean / dirty water pump.
Life-saving electric shock prevention
Fits hose directly to tap
Reusable pen torch
Perfect for writing notes in darkened rooms
Hands-free illumination
Keeps items secure
Handy retractable keyring
Select optional items as required
Select optional items as required
Longer arm length for added protection
Bulk Buy / Wholesale Cetro
Everything you need to clean up in one handy pack
Handy anti-bacterial hand gel
Simple to use in a variety of areas

Midwives & Trade

If you are a midwife, health care professional, or wholesaler please visit our trade site DPEK Healthcare where you will find everything you need.

You'll be able to set up a trade account and we can then work together to offer you whatever you need at the quantities you require...at trade prices.

Any questions please call us on 01526 344266