During this precious time of your life many Mums-to-be become more aware of what products they use on their bodies. You may want to use natural products that are free from man-made chemicals on your own body, and subsequently on your precious little bundle.

Essential oils come from plants such as herbs and flowers, and they are highly concentrated. The oils have their own individual aromas and each oil has a range of therapeutic uses.

Birth Supplies are pleased to be able to offer a range of products suitable for pregnancy, labour, delivery and beyond including our own special blends.

We recommend you consult your midwife before using any Essential Oil.

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Spritz/spray bottle 50ml
Helps you sleep on a busy hospital ward or at home
That little bit extra relaxation
Relax with a lavender aroma
Create a calm, restful atmosphere
For relief of stress
Traditional wooden incense holder
Natural pain relief
Simply heat in the microwave
realistic flickering effect battery operated candle
Safe to leave tealights
Pack of 20 unscented tealights