The Healer Massage Oil by Mama Loves Natural
Code: MLN-106
The Healer Massage Oil 50ml


Mama Loves Natural are pleased to bring you our own special infusion of Arnica Montana flower extract in Sunflower Seed oil with Bergamot essential oil to help combat inflammation and pain, as well as balancing your body, mind and emotion.
Arnica is renowned for its healing and swelling-reduction properties, making this blend ideal for a relaxing postnatal massage, aiding recovery after birth.
This blend is also perfect for use during pregnancy to help soothe any aches and pains without the use of drugs.v

Available in 20ml or 50ml bottles, just select your option.
(Arnica Montana flower extract, Helianthus Annuus, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia)
Mama Loves Natural only use violet glass bottles for our products. The special protective properties of violet glass have been appreciated since the Ancient Egyptians used violet and gold glass to store their valuable essences and healing natural products. The exceptional quality of violet glass protects our oils from the quality-lessening influence of light.
Our violet glass bottles work like a natural filter that only lets the sunlight that protects and improves the quality of products through, thus lengthening the durability and potency of our products.
This means our essential oils and blends will have a much longer shelf life than other brands.

High quality products that last at sensible prices.
Blended oils are packaged with a UV-protection pump-action lid for ease of use.
We recommend you consult a suitably qualified professional before using any Essential Oil or Massage Oil.

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