Clary Sage Essential Oil by Mama Loves Natural
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Clary Sage Essential Oil 5ml

Clary Sage essential oil is derived from the flowering tops and leaves of the Salvia sclarea plant. It features a herbaceous, woody aroma with sweet and nutty undertones. Known for its calming and balancing properties, Clary Sage essential oil is commonly used in aromatherapy to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and support hormonal balance. It is also popular for its potential benefits in relieving menstrual discomfort and promoting a restful night's sleep.

Overall, Clary Sage essential oil is a versatile and widely-used oil with a variety of therapeutic properties.

Features and Benefits
  • ​stimulates the uterus
  • strengthens contractions during labour
  • pain relief
  • post-natal depression
  • PMT
  • menopause
  • anti-depressant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • improved digestion
  • antibacterial
  • stress relief
  • improved circulation


  • Do not use before the 37th week of pregnancy.
  • Do not apply to the stomach

How to use

  • Can be used in a diffuser
  • Can be used on the skin if you combine it with a carrier oil e.g. Wheatgerm (Wheatgerm-Oil-100ml), Sweet Almond etc.

Clary Sage is known to have a variety of aromatic and medicinal properties. Native to the north Mediterranean coast, Clary Sage was used by the Greeks and Romans for its euphoric, sensual and aphrodisiac qualities. It has a stimulating effect on the uterus and can strengthen contractions, thus shortening the birth process. Therefore Clary Sage should not be used before 37 weeks gestation.

Clary Sage helps to reduce pain and anxiety, making it ideal for use during childbirthbirth. It is said to promote pleasant dreams and enhance dream recall.

Clary Sage is believed to act on the pituitary gland which regulates oestrogen and has stimulating properties. For this reason, it has a long association for use with menstrual problems including PMS and menopausal symptoms. It may also be used to ease symptoms of postnatal depression by helping to balance the hormones.
Native to the north Mediterranean coast, Clary Sage was used by the Greeks and Romans for its euphoric, sensual and aphrodisiac qualities.

It is always important to consult with a healthcare provider or a qualified aromatherapist before using any essential oils or carrier oils.





Use under the guidance of a health professional or qualified aromatherapist.

(Salvia Sclarea)


Our Packaging

Mama Loves Natural only use violet glass bottles for our products. The special protective properties of violet glass have been appreciated since the Ancient Egyptians used violet and gold glass to store their valuable essences and healing natural products. The exceptional quality of violet glass protects our oils from the quality-lessening influence of light.
Our violet glass bottles work like a natural filter that only lets the sunlight that protects and improves the quality of products through, thus lengthening the durability and potency of our products.
This means our essential oils and blends will have a much longer shelf life than other brands.
High quality products that last at sensible prices.
Essential oils are packaged with a standard screw lid and come with a glass pipette for ease of use.
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