Wheat style Moist Heat Pack
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£ 5.99
Lavender & Wheat Heat Pack 

Heat packs are a wonderful addition to your labour kit, ideal for relief from back pain in the third trimester and early labour. 
The lavender scent can also help aid restful sleep. Perfectly portable so you can use it on the way to the hospital.   They can also be invaluable for relieving stomach cramps once baby is born.
This NON Wheat heat pack uses Silica beads which are safe from a bacteria and over heating point of view

Moist Heat Pack
Great for pain relief
Increases blood flow to the injury area and helps accelerate healing
When heated in a microwave the pack generates a comforting moist heat that is very therapeutic
The application of Moist Heat is especially useful treating muscle spasms from strain and tension
Moist Heat is considered superior to ordinary dry heat because it transfers the heat deeper and quicker to the required area
Soft fabric material gently conforms to the injured area
Contains Silica Beads

size 12 x 29cm
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