Perfect Sleep Set
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Helps you sleep on a busy hospital ward or at home
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Perfect Sleep Set

Hospitals aren't renowned as being peaceful places to sleep...especially when babies are involved!

This handy little set will also help you grab some rest after baby is born - letting you relax whilst baby naps. Just remember to turn the phone off and pop a note on your door!

Our NEW & IMPROVED sleep set will help you get the best sleep you can.

  • Eye mask. 
  • 2 pairs ear plugs. (Non-allergenic, self-adjusting foam plugs fit virtually any ear canal enabling you to get some peace without discomfort. To use simply roll, insert and hold whilst the plug moulds to your ear).  
  • Lavender essential oil. (Well known for its relaxing, soothing & sedative effects. Perfect for aiding restful sleep for you - and safe to use for baby too).
  • 100% Cotton hanky (colour selected at random - ideal for inhaling essential oil. Simply add a couple of drops onto the hanky).

All packed in a handy little organza bag, ideal for your hospital bag.
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