LARGE Deluxe Anti-slip Floor Sheet
Code: C-123
£ 9.99
Large Deluxe Anti-Slip Floor Sheet 1.75 x 2.5m
Designed especially for Birth Supplies, this waterproof floor sheet is made from soft & durable PVC that will not rip, tear or rustle like Polythene - offering mum the optimum quiet birthing room along with the peace of mind knowing that the floor is well protected.

The Textured finish will help the sheet stay in place

This larger size is ideal for using under a birth pool.

Fully washable. It will come in very handy for potty training once baby is bigger as well. Can be cut to size if neccesary.

Size  1.75m x 2.5m



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Customer Reviews (3)
Rebecca Stone
Floor sheet
Good product and price ...thanks!
Patrick Kelly
floor sheet
Great Product & Service A1+
Samantha Coggins
blue floor sheet
Arrived on time and works great! Thank you