Oasis Elite Birthing Pool Complete Kit
£ 169.99

Oasis Elite Birthing Pool 

Prefect size for the birthing mum, the Oasis Elite with full kit including.

  • Pool with carry bag
  • Pool Liner
  • Inflate Pump
  • Hose (10mt)
  • 3 x Tap connectors
  • Floor sheet
  • thermometer
  • strainer
  • Water Pump

The Oasis range of birth pools are designed by a US midwife who is dedicated to providing quality, affordable birth products to US birthing families and care providers. We are proud to bring these pools to the UK.

  • manufactured to the highest possible standards of materials and safety with each pool being factory tested and is the perfect substitute for the more expensive European La Bassine, Maxi and Birth Pool in a Box pools.

  • The S-Beam design prevents your pool from complete collapse in the event of an accidental puncture.

  • The single air chamber inflates 50% faster then 3-ring pools.

  • 0.46mm eco phthalate-free vinyl

  • This vinyl is stronger AND lighter than standard waterbirth pool material.

  • The only S-beam water birth pool on the market. Oasis Elite S-beam design provides exceptional strength and beauty. The single air chamber means quick inflating and deflating. The S-beam allows for a narrower 8 inch top, making this pool easier to step into. Other pools are 9 to 12 inches wide.

The Perfect Size

Standard 6″ x 54″ x 28″ / 115 gallons
3″Comfort-Cushion Inflated Floor

The Oasis Elite Comfort-Cushion inflated floor provides outstanding comfort during labor and birth. Kneeling or sitting, the Comfort-Cushion floor keeps you comfortable and lifted up off the hard floor below the pool. No more need for additional cushioning. The white color is preferred by care providers, allowing easier assessment of blood loss.

Superior Anti-Leak Air Valves
The pool side wall has a large, anti-leak, one-way air valve for rapid inflating and deflating. Oasis pools are the only birth pools with easy-use floor screw air valves! No more struggling with difficult floor valves. These air valves provide super quick Inflating and deflating.

Water Depth Marks
The Oasis Elite provides you with Starting Water Depth marks and Maximum Water Depth marks. No more guessing as to how much water to add to the pool. Fill your pool to the Starting Water Depth mark then add water to desired depth after getting into the pool.

Comfort-Grip Handles
The Comfort-Grip handles on the Oasis Elite Water Birth Pool are larger and stronger than handles on other pools. Ergonomically designed for better grip and added comfort. Perfect for position changes, supported squatting, and assisting with pushing.

Anti-Slip Texture
The Oasis Elite has the perfect texture in the perfect places. The textured pool top and floor help prevent slips getting into and out of the
pool and improves grip when changing positions.

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