MiaVia Tranquility Birth Pool Liner
Code: MV-03

Mia Via Tranquility Birth Pool Liner

We are proud to announce the release of our new Tranquility Professional to our range of MiaVia products. These liners have been manufactured to fit the our Mia Via Tranquility Professional birth pool. Your hire will come with a liner, but if you want to do a test wet run you will need a spare as you need to keep a clean liner for the birth. We also recommend a new hose for the birth.


  • Designed for the Tranquility Professional pool.

  • Conforms to ALL UK & EU standards for birth pool liners including the global ISO 9001 standard.

  • Made of the same quality 0.20mm eco-PVC as the original liners (meaning it meets EU regulations on phthalate content)

  • Free from cadmium, lead and latex.

Professional Use
We are releasing the new Tranquility liners and the new Tranquility Professional pool to NHS maternity units and birth centres as well as to midwives and doulas throughout the UK and Europe. Speak to us if you are a professional and interested in using this new product. We are also looking for distributors in a number of locations and would be keen to hear from you regarding your requirements.

International Distributors & Partners

The Netherlands

oerbron.nl; ✉ info@oerbron.nl 085-06 09 147

copara.nl✉ info@copara.nl;  030-2271566

Nordic Birth

www.nordicbirth.se hej@nordicbirth.se;  +46735120652 

Coming soon

Coming soon

Enquiries welcome

USA & Canada
Your Water Birth 

www.yourwaterbirth.com✉ sales@yourwaterbirth.com;  509-962-8630

In His Hands

www.inhishands.com; ✉ help@inhishands.com; ☏ 800-247-4045


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