Breast Pads
Item code: D-142
For use during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding
£ 2.99

Pk 40 Breast Pads

Specially designed for use in late pregnancy and after baby’s birth these softly shaped, extra absorbent breast pads are disposable and provide effective protection against leakage. 
They also help to prevent cracking, soreness and irritation by keeping moisture away from delicate skin.

  • Pads shaped to contour the breast, with supersoft edges providing discretion.
  • High absorbency .
  • Non-chlorine bleached fluff pulp core.
  • Soft, quilted non-woven cover.
  • Moisture-proof backing grips the inside of your bra so will not slip.
  • Disposable so no irritation from washing powders.

A must for every breastfeeding Mum.



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Customer Reviews (1)
sophie lawton
breast pads
Great product and great seller, very fast delivery.

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