cotton wool balls by snowfield 120 pack
Cotton Wool Balls by Snowfield 120 pack
Code: D-128

Cotton Wool Balls by Snowfield 120 pack


  • GREAT VALUE – 120 Cotton Wool Balls
  • QUALITY – Our soft and smooth Cotton wool balls are made from the best quality pure cotton to ensure you and your family's skin gets the best at all times as they are soft and gentle. The balls retain their shape and do not cling to each other
  • VERSATILITY – The highly absorbent 100% pure cotton can be used for padding over wounds, gentle cleansing, applying antiseptic and for your baby


Our Value Pack of Cotton Wool Balls is made from 100% pure cotton and are soft and fluffy. Each individual pack contains 120 balls, with each bag 30cm x 20cm and packed full of the finest cotton wool balls.

They are specially made to be kind and gentle for babies skin. Using only high quality materials, the balls are soft, fluffy and highly absorbent, holding many times their own weight in fluid.

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