Dr Browns Options+ Anti-Colic Bottle
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Dr Browns Options+ Anti-Colic Bottle 150ml

Contains 1 x 5oz/150ml Bottle with Level 1 Teat


The enhanced design of the Dr Brown’s Options+ Anti-Colic Bottle is clinically proven to reduce windy colic due to Dr Brown’s unique 100% vacuum-free vent system. Dr Brown’s Options+ bottles offer an easy and comfortable way to feed your little-one, adapting to their needs as they grow. With the unique design, this bottle can be used with or without the removable internal vent system, transforming it into a teat-vented bottle for more convenience. Use Dr Brown’s Options+ bottles from birth – don’t wait until your baby develops colic!

The unique internal green vent system continues to create 100% vacuum free feeding, which is clinically proven to help reduce wind related colic. This is what makes Dr Brown’s the number one choice of UK Health Professionals for the relief of colicky symptoms.

The breast-like teat shape is correctly contoured for a proper latch and a more natural bottle-feeding experience – perfect for switching from breast to bottle and back again! Each teat is specially engineered to offer the same consistent natural flow, so you and baby know what to expect in every feed.

Dr Brown’s Anti-Colic Options+ grows with baby, allowing easy removal of the vent system when baby no longer experiences feeding problems or you want the convenience of a teat-vented bottle. The teat venting creates a controlled flow, offering babies an easy and convenient way to feed at their own pace. The complete feeding system that grows with baby and helps alleviate the symptoms of windy colic. Prevention is better than cure!

Why choose the Dr Browns Options+ Anti-Colic Bottle?

As a parent, your baby's health and comfort are top priorities. The Dr Browns Options+ Anti-Colic Bottle has been trusted by parents and healthcare professionals for over 20 years, making it a reliable choice for feeding your little one. With its innovative design, ease of use, and proven results, the Dr Browns Options+ Anti-Colic Bottle is the ultimate solution for fussy babies.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces colic, gas, and spit-up

  • Mimics breastfeeding for a more natural feeding experience

  • Helps preserve essential nutrients in the milk

  • Easy to clean and assemble

  • Compatible with breast pumps for easy feeding on the go

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