Femme TENS Hire
Item code: DS-013
6 weeks max. TENS hire
£ 18.95
Femme TENS Hire

*Please note any products ordered with a TENS hire will be shipped at the same time. If you require earlier shipping  you will be required to place a separate order* 

Maximum 6 week hire period. 

The Femme TENS is a dual channel unit offering you maximum flexibility and control. Each channel has its own intensity dial; both the Pulse Rate and Pulse Width are adjustable.  The added benefit of Pulse Width Adjustment is that you can control the depth and smoothness of the pulse to improve comfort. This unit also features a detachable "booster button" for that extra surge of power when you are having a contraction.

  • Femme TENS unit.
  • Instructions.
  • Set new universal TENS electrodes.
  • Lead wires.
  • Booster button.
  • Drug free guide to labour.
  • New 9v PP3 battery.
  • Returns envelope with label and list of drop-off points. 
  • Due to the Covid 19 outbreak we are also offering a subsidised collection from your house option. This is an additional cost of £5. Please note this covers only one attempt to collect. If you are not there or do not answer you will need to pay for a second attempt at £10

All supplied in a lilac drawstring bag and grey carry case.

The fuss-free way to have a drug-free labour. 

Please ensure you supply your EDD & telephone number when ordering or we will be unable to fulfil your order.

The kit will be sent out at 36 weeks to enable you to familiarise yourself with the unit prior to labour.

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