Glamorize Ultimate Tangle Taming Hair Brush
Glamorize Ultimate Tangle Taming Hair Brush
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Glamorize Ultimate Tangle Taming Hair Brush

The Tangles brush gently and effortlessly combs tangled hair. The brush reduces hair breakage and damage when brushing. Unique flex teeth, making it easier to glide through the hair. The small size of the brush makes it easier to hold in your hand.

The brush eliminates tangles and knots, minimizes splitting and damage caused by mistreatment. This is the perfect solution for all hair types.

It is recommended for unhealthy, color-damaged hair, extended hair, tangled hair and also for children who do not like the feeling of "pulling" when combing.


  • The ergonomic shape of the handle ensures comfort of use

  • Flexible silicone protrusions gently comb the hair

  • The brush does not damage hair, even the most delicate ones

  • Perfect for combing curly and long hair

  • Colour: purple

  • Dimensions: 9 x 7 cm

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