Helsinki Atomiser
Code: MLN-096a

Helsinki Atomiser


Transform your surroundings with the Helsinki Atomiser - USB powered diffuser that changes colours and includes timer settings for a customised aromatherapy experience. Ideal for relaxing and refreshing your space.


Helsinki Atomiser Aroma Diffusers are timeless and elegant, they provide a flameless and smoke-free way to fragrance your room or office. Just add some drops of your favourite essential oil or fragrance to water for an instant aroma experience.

With its USB interface, the Helsinki Atomiser is easy to use and can be plugged into any USB port, making it a convenient addition to any workspace. The built-in timer allows you to set your preferred duration for misting, so you can enjoy the aromatherapy benefits without worry.

Not only does the Helsinki Atomiser offer a pleasant atmosphere, but also features a modern design that will complement any setting. Its colour-changing lights create a relaxing and calming environment, promoting a more productive and stress-free workplace.


  • Tank Capacity 120ml

  • LED light – 4 colours

  • Powered by USB ( length of the cord 100cm)

  • Auto power off when water runs out

  • timer 1-3-6 hours

  • Height 10.5cm, Diameter: 13.5cm, Weight 0.400

Comes with the user manual

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