La Bassine Original Birth Pool (with Kit option)
Code: LB-Standard
Add a Liner (£37.00)
Add a La Bassine Heat Cover (£5.00)
Add a La Bassine Kit (£40.00)
15m hose required (£5.00)

La Bassine Birth Pool

The La Bassine pool options 

Choose to buy the La Bassine Pool only or add as much or as little as you wish. Options available are - 

  1. La Bassine pool only (no additional selection required)

  2. La Bassine pool & Liner (tick the Liner check box)

  3. La Bassine and Heat Cover (tick the Heat Cover check box)

  4. La Bassine, Liner and Heat Cover (tick the Liner and heat Cover check boxes)

  5. You can also choose to add the La Bassine Kit to any of the above options (tick the La Bassine Kit check box)

La Bassine Kit Contents
(does not come as standard with the pool and must  be selected above)

  • Electric air pump.

  • Electric water pump.

  • Eco 10m water hose.

  • Tap connectors x 2.

  • Debris net.

  • Storage bag and repair kit.

  • Large anti-slip floor sheet.

  • Thermometer. A vital piece of equipment for every water birth. 

  • We also add a Hand-held mirror so that you can find a comfortable position and the midwife can still see how birth is progressing without causing you to alter your position.

Tap connectors - Please note we cannot guarantee that the tap connectors will fit all taps. They do fit most standard taps.

La Bassine Specification

Combining style, comfort and privacy with optimum practicability this pool has become one of the best selling birth pools worldwide.

  • Deep blue colour.

  • 125cm (49") internal length.

  • 165cm x 134.5cm (65" x 53") external size.

  • 0.42mm thick eco-vinyl.

  • Pair of internal handles.

  • Carbon neutral & ethical.

NB - Please note that all dimensions are approximate and are dependent on factors such as level of inflation.

La Bassine Birth Pool Features

  • Cocoon-like shape to provide an intimate space, yet with plenty of room to move (but not too large to put pressure on your hot water system!).

  • Deep blue colour to enhance the sense of privacy and induce deep relaxation.

  • Inflated floor to give the extra comfort needed during active birth positions such as kneeling and squatting.

  • Spacious internal pool size.

  • Perfect water depth that fully covers your belly without being too deep that you feel insecure.

  • Two solid internal handles exactly where you need them! Use to assist with changes of position, or to grab onto while you push. Voted best feature by many women and midwives.

  • Compact & slimline.

  • Anti-flooding mechanism the built in vertical I-beams gives an incomparable firmness to the wall whilst also acting as a fail safe mechanism in the event of an accidental puncture.

  • Eco-friendly vinyl - highly durable vinyl that doesn't contain any phthalates, lead or cadmium so often used in plastic production.

  • Carbon Neutral - Made in Water Ltd has made a donation to the World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Fund to offset the emission of carbon dioxide from the production and shipping of La Bassine pools.

  • Ethically manufactured - all La Bassine manufacturers are independently audited to ensure safe and fair employment practice.

  • Quality & durability - made with super-strong vinyl (0.45mm thickness), each pool is thoroughly factory tested to ensure that it has no defects.

  • Proven in the field tens of thousands of pools sold worldwide; including Europe, US, Canada, Australia and more. Among the best selling and most popular birthing pools.

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