Lansinoh Feeding Baby Bottles 240ml with NaturalWave Teat
Code: 2117

Lansinoh Feeding Bottle 240ml with NaturalWave

The Lansinoh Feeding Bottle is a must-have for any parent looking for a reliable and convenient way to feed their baby. With a generous 240ml capacity and a specially designed NaturalWave nipple, this bottle ensures a comfortable and natural feeding experience for your little one.


Lansinoh’s BPA and BPS free baby bottles, now with an innovative new shape, have been carefully crafted for a comfortable hold while feeding baby. Featuring the innovative NaturalWave® Teat - clinically proven to reduce nipple confusion with extra-soft and flexible silicone which adapts to baby’s palette, encouraging natural tongue movement and allowing baby to control the milk flow. Now with a new stackable lid for space-saving storage. 


  • Easily switch from breast to bottle and back again

  • BPA and BPS free feeding bottles, crafted from polypropylene and silicone

  • Soft and flexible teat helps baby maintain establishing breastfeeding patterns

  • AVS™ Anti-Colic Air Ventilation System to reduce intake of air, a potential cause of colic

  • Wide, textured teat base: for easy latch-on

  • NEW stackable lid for space-saving storage

  • Handy for snack storage from 6 months

  • Comes complete with NaturalWave® teat clinically proven to reduce nipple confusion.

  • Compatible with all Lansinoh Breast Pumps

  • 240ml capacity

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