little gubbins 12 reusable bamboo cotton baby wipes
Little Gubbins 12 Reusable Bamboo Cotton Baby Wipes
Code: D-112
Little Gubbins 12 Reusable Bamboo Cotton Baby Wipes

These Little Gubbins Baby wipes are made from 70% bamboo 30% cotton these are the Little Gubbins 100% natural solution for cleaning dirty bottoms.

Both bamboo and cotton are natural materials that are both known for their gentleness and breathability making them the perfect combination of soft fibres for your little ones. This fabric also allows for maximum air circulation which together with the natural antimicrobial bioagents in bamboo assist in reducing / destroying odour causing bacteria.

Consisting of only 100% natural fibres these are perfect wiping dirty bottoms from birth onwards and are an everyday essential for your changing table and nappy bag. Included in each pack is a free laundry bag so that you can wash and reuse with ease knowing that your wipes will be protected in the wash.

Comes in a Pack of 12.
Gentle, breathable and Naturally Antibacterial.
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