perfect mama+ tens breast/pectoral electrode pads
Perfect Mama+ TENS Breast/Pectoral Electrode Pads
Code: A-216

Perfect Mama+ TENS Breast/Pectoral Electrode Pads

Key Features
• Use with one of our beauty or fitness devices to build, strengthen, and firm the pectoral muscles and increase size and lift
• Long term results with 20 minute daily sessions
• Compatible with most TENS and EMS devices (2mm round pin connection)
• Can be used with certain devices such as the Perfect Mama to initiate and maintain lactation after birth
• Reusable up to 30 times
Hypoallergenic, gentle on skin and latex free

What's included
4 x Breast electrodes (2 pairs)
1 x Resealable storage bag
1 x Instructions for use
1 x Placement Guide

2 pairs of TensCare 60 x 130mm breast electrodes with pigtail and pin connector for use with TENS, EMS and IFT devices for lactation, pain relief, toning and more.

Designed specifically for use on the breasts for inducing and maintaining lactation, lifting and firming the breast tissue, and can also be used for pain relief. To be used with L-CPT leads with Perfect MamaTENS and Mama+ on programme A for lactation.

Reusable up to 30 times and gentle on skin, these great value electrode pads are suitable for most devices that use the same connection.

You will receive 2 pairs of electrode pads, 4 pads total. 

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