Pk 10 Extra-Thin Maternity Pads/Towels
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CottonTails Extra-Thin Maternity Towels

Pamper yourself with CottonTails Extra-Thin Maternity Towels! Specifically crafted for postnatal use, these ultra-thin pads provide discreet protection and all-day comfort. Say goodbye to bulkiness and hello to peace of mind.


CottonTails Extra-Thin Maternity Towels are specially designed to provide maximum comfort and protection during the postnatal period. Made from soft and breathable materials, these maternity towels are gentle on sensitive skin and prevent irritation. The extra-thin design ensures a discreet and comfortable fit, so you can go about your day with confidence.


  • Made in the UK

  • Ultra-absorbent to keep you feeling dry and fresh

  • Soft and breathable materials for maximum comfort

  • Extra-thin design for a discreet fit

  • Prevents irritation and chafing

  • Specially designed for postnatal use

  • These cushioned & contoured pads have an extra-absorbent core & 'lock-in' moisture

  • helping you to feel dry, confident and secure so you can focus on your new little bundle

  • Adhesive backing strip to fix into place.

  • 10 towels per pack.

How to Use CottonTails Extra-Thin Maternity Towels?

Using CottonTails Extra-Thin Maternity Towels is simple and easy. Simply remove the towel from its packaging and unfold it. Place the towel in your underwear with the wide part at the front and the narrow part at the back. Secure the towel in place using the adhesive strips, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Change the towel regularly to maintain freshness and cleanliness.

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