safe & sound  vinyl gloves
Safe & Sound Vinyl Gloves
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Vinyl Gloves x10



Safe and Sound’s Vinyl Gloves are made from high-quality materials and give a looser fit for a smooth and comfortable feel compared to some other types of gloves. Disposable vinyl gloves provide protection from cleaning chemicals, bacteria and the risk of infection and suitable for both the left and right hand.
Our vinyl gloves are an ideal alternative to latex gloves when allergies are a concern.
10 Clear Vinyl Gloves per box
Alternative to latex gloves
Protects the hands from cleaning chemicals, bacteria and risk of infection
Smooth and comfortable
Please refer to packaging before use



To use Safe and Sound Health Vinyl Gloves:
Use the vinyl gloves only to prevent the hand from soiling from low-risk household substances
Discard when damaged or soiled



Safe and Sound Health Vinyl Gloves

  • High quality

  • Left and right hand

  • Disposable

  • Clear vinyl

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