safe & sound health digital flexisoft thermometer
Safe and Sound Digital Flexisoft Thermometer
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Safe and Sound Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer


Elevate your parenting game with the Digital Flexisoft Thermometer, a game-changer for families with babies and toddlers. This advanced thermometer offers unmatched convenience and reliability, ensuring you can track your little one's temperature with speed and accuracy. Don't settle for anything less when it comes to your child's health - invest in the Digital Flexisoft Thermometer today.


Safe and Sound Health’s Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer takes accurate and reliable oral, underarm or rectal body temperature readings. The flexible tip of the digital thermometer provides a comfortable probe for taking temperature readings from both adults and young children. The flexible tip digital thermometer is supplied with a hygienic probe cover and comes with batteries already included.
Before using Safe and Sound Health’s Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer, ensure it has been thoroughly cleaned. Wait for the thermometer to beep or signal it has finished. Once there is a temperature reading the results will be displayed on the screen.
Temperature measuring range of 32.0°C/90.0°F to 42.0°C/108.0°F
Records body temperature readings in both Fahrenheit or Celsius
Auto powers off after 10-minutes of inactivity
Please refer to packaging and instructions before



Wash the thermometer probe thoroughly before the first use, and after each subsequent use with a damp cloth. To take an oral temperature reading using Safe and Sound Health’s Flexisoft Digital Thermometer:

  • Switch the flexible tip thermometer on as per instruction inside the packaging

  • If used before, the last temperature reading will display on the screen for 2 seconds

  • The °C symbol will flash on the thermometers screen when it is ready to use

  • Place the flexible probe tip under the tongue and close the mouth

  • Wait for the thermometer to indicate the temperature reading is ready (The thermometer will beep)

  • Remove the thermometer and check the results

  • Wipe the thermometer with a damp cloth and replace the probe cover

  • A mild rise in temperature would be to about 37.8°C, and you should see your doctor if your temperature remains at this for more than 24 hours or if your temperature rises to 38.6°C or more



Safe and Sound Health Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer

  • Flexible tip

  • Batteries included

  • Underarm, rectal and oral

  • Auto power off

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