safe & sound infant inhaler
Safe & Sound Infant Inhaler
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Infant Inhaler

The Infant Inhaler, a gentle and effective solution for providing relief to babies struggling with congestion. With its innovative design and easy-to-use functionality, this inhaler is specifically crafted to help decongest your little one's nasal passages, making breathing easier and more comfortable. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a well-rested and happy baby with our Infant Inhaler.


Nasal congestion can interrupt your babies sleeping and feeding as well as causing them discomfort. Our Infant Decongestant Soother safely releases decongestion vapours beneath your babies’ nose, helping to relieve blocked noses and nasal congestion.

The clever inhaler dummy features a specially designed chamber for holding your preferred choice of suitable infant decongestant. The chamber safely and gently releases the decongestion vapours beneath their nose while the soother helps them feel calm and comforted.


  • Safely releases decongestion vapour to help relieve blocked and congested noses

  • Soother provides comfort while decongestion vapours get to work

  • Use with preferred choice of suitable infant decongestant

  • Suitable for babies 3 months +

  • BPA and latex-free

Please refer to packaging and instructions before use


Safe and Sound Healths Infant Decongestant Soother provides an easy and comforting way to relieve blocked and congested noses. To use:

  • Snap open the decongestion chamber

  • Add your preferred choice of a suitable decongestant to the chamber

  • Close shut the chamber making sure secure

To clean the Infant Decongestant Soother:

  • Before and after each use wash the medicine dispenser with the chamber open in warm soapy water to remove all residues and rinse

  • Then soak in a sterilising solution in accordance with manufacturer instructions

  • Leave to dry and store ready for next use


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