safe and sound bite and sting relief patches x30
Safe and Sound Bite and Sting Relief Patches
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Bite and Sting Relief Patches x30

Protect your little one from the annoyance of bug bites and stings with our Bite and Sting Relief Patches. Useable by adults and children, these patches offer a gentle and effective solution for soothing skin irritation. Whether at home or on the go, these patches are a must-have in your first aid kit for quick relief whenever insect bites strike.


The Safe and Sound Bite and Sting Relief Patches contribute to relieving the unpleasant sensation of itching caused by external agents such as insect bites thanks to their soothing action.

In addition they create a mechanical barrier that prevents chafing and further increase in irritation of the affected area.

Key Points

  • Up to 8 hours relief

  • Suitable for children

  • Clear and discreet

  • Soothing and relieving

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