Sterifeed Colostrum Collection Syringes - Pack 8
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Sterile 1ml Colostrum Harvesting Syringes By Sterifeed - Pack 8

Perfectly sized syringe for colostrum harvesting before and after birth.

Colostrum Harvesting (Antenatal hand expression):
The expressing of colostrum in the final few weeks of pregnancy.
This practice is advocated by some NHS Trusts although you are advised to wait until around 36 weeks before starting to harvest.
  • Colostrum contains the all-important immunological properties that helps build babies own immune system and fill babies’ gut with the healthy bacteria that protects against diseases and allergies.
  • Perfect balance of nutrients to help the passing of meconium stools
  • Breast feeding can take time for you and baby to get to know each other. The harvested colostrum can help supplement feeds during the first few days.
  • For some mothers, it can be a useful tool that helps ensure their baby will start life without the need for formula supplementation. The importance of exclusive breastfeeding for all babies has been well-established by scientific research.
It is important for a mother to discuss her plans to express antenatally with her healthcare provider. It may not be recommended in some instances.

You can collect colostrum 2-3 times a day with the same syringe if it is stored in the fridge between harvests. NB  -  to avoid spillage ensure cap is placed on syringe after collection

Label, bag and freeze. 
Can be stored for up to six months in the freezer. Once taken out it must be used within 24 hours.
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