MiA ViA Serenity PRO Birth Pool Suite 7 week Hire
15m hose upgrade (£5.00)
UPGRADE - soft & non-slip Deluxe Floor Sheet 2.5m x 1.75m (£6.00)
Add a TENS hire (£15.00)
Add a fitted Serenity Heat Cover (£8.00)
I have read and accept Hire T&C's


Mia Via Serenity Pro Birth Pool Hire Suite 

FREE SHIPPING - including return




Terms and Conditions of Hire can be found here: - 


MiA ViA - Reinventing the choices for home birth. 

When Do I Need to Book the Hire Pool?
Our hire pools are currently in high demand, therefore we recommend the following: -

  • Book your pool hire as early as possible to ensure that you have the birth that you want.

  • Booking a pool hire after your 36th week, may mean that the exact pool model you wish for may not be available at that time. We DO guarantee that we will have a pool for you to have at your birth so, if your first choice is not available, look at our other hire pools, we have plenty to suit.

  • Use our hire pool deposit if you are under 32 weeks - this will book the pool that you want, when you want it!

  • The hire pool deposit will be deducted from the final cost of your pool - it is NOT an additional fee.

  • If your situation changes or you simply change your mind prior to shipping, you will receive a full refund as per T&C's.

Features - why hire from Birth Supplies?

  1. We are ISO 9001/2015 compliant and. as such, we are the only birth pool available and recommended for hire through the NHS Supply Chain.

  2. We are the only company currently working directly alongside multiple NHS Trusts supplying their home birth hire pools and kits and more continue to enquire.

  3. Our Tranquility & Serenity pools are silver and provide a soft, warm and strong feminine zone for birth.

  4. Large comfortable seat.

  5. The Serenity sits in the similar footprint to the mini pool but gives you the space of the larger pools on the market.

  6. 6 week hire period that can be easily extended, just call us!

  7. We deliver to your door around 36 weeks with DPD Next Day service.

  8. Returns carriage with UPS is included (single attempt) & we enclose a returns label for your convenience.

  9. Easy to follow return instructions - collect from your house or drop off at the UPS drop point.

  10. The birthing pool hire kit is supplied in a tough crate (keep for the return journey) & includes:

  • MiA ViA Serenity birthing pool.

  • Serenity Birth pool liner.

  • Comfort Seat - a cross between a seat and a birth ball.

  • Kneeling Cushion - very comfortable and protects your knees from hard floors.

  • DPEK 10m/32 feet Food grade hose made in the UK (15m/49 feet option available).

  • DPEK Submersible water pump - this must only be used when totally submersed in water. Using it not submersed in water will irreparably damage the pump. (blue casing)

  • DPEK Electric inflate pump. (black casing)

  • MiA ViA Non-slip waterproof floor sheet.

  • 3 different tap connectors (to cover as many eventualities as possible).

  • DPEK Floating water birth thermometer.

  • DPEK Debris net / strainer.

  • RCD adaptor.

  • Full instructions.

Do I need anything else for my Home Waterbirth?
No, we are the ONLY birth pool hire company that includes everything in the hire kit - you are not expected to buy additional essential items. With our hire package you will receive 3 tap connectors, a floor sheet and a thermometer at no additional charge. All of this for a hire price of only £155.

If you would like to conduct a "wet run" with the pool or intend to use the pool before the birth for any reason, we recommend that you buy an additional hose and liner for hygiene reasons (multiple "wet runs" will require additional liners and hoses).

See Hire-Terms-and-Conditions

Obviously, we have many more wonderful items that are available that you can choose to buy and, if you wish to save on postage, we can ship them altogether with your birth pool hire.

Where do you hire to?
Currently available in the UK mainland & the Isle of Wight only. If you live in N. Ireland, Highlands and Islands or other offshore islands, please call us as options may be available and we want to provide a service that covers everyone within the United Kingdom equally.

Pool Description
The MiA ViA birth pool fast became our best selling pool outselling all others by 4 to 1 and it is easy to see why. The new technologies mean no compromise.

Short on Space? - no problem, MiA ViA Serenity sits in a similar footprint to a Mini Pool in a Box.

Room for two? - no problem, MiA ViA Serenity uses new technology to allow more space inside the pool - room for two!

A smaller lady! - No problem, MiA ViA Serenity is a fully adjustable birth pool. Simply do not inflate the bottom ring. All without compromising stability of the wall.

All this coupled with being the only birth pool with a purpose built kidney shaped seat. This seat's registered design is larger and more comfortable than the step in other pools. It has a double layer to ensure stability.

Why a silver pool when the others are all blue?
We decided to create a pool that would be different from all the rest & after some extensive research amongst midwives, doulas and mums, one of the common themes of feedback was that they wanted a warm, calming and feminine zone for their water birth. The blue colour was generally viewed as cold, masculine and clinical and when asked for an alternative colour option, silver was overwhelming chosen as this was described as a soft, warm, strong, feminine colour that not only looks good in photos but very much provides the "zone" that is needed for birth.

The perceived wisdom for many years as been that "pools should be blue right?", as this is the colour that generally became accepted during the early 2000's. However, we have found that a particular benefit of the silver fabric is that blood and other excretions can be seen more easily when using UV light. Therefore, this has meant that checking the cleanliness of pools has made great strides because we can utilise UV lighting more effectively.

Further Information and Assistance
Please read our FAQs & Terms & Conditions of hire - Hire-Terms-and-Conditions

We are also happy to help over the phone if you have any other queries.

We use UPS for our returns - your pool will be sent out with a returns label and full instructions on how to return your pool to us. You can either take the crate to a UPS drop-off point or book a collection through the UPS website. Please return your hire kit within 48 hours of use for hygiene reasons.


  • 4 handles

  •  Large Internal seat. 

  •  External dimensions: max length 152cm, max width 130cm max height 71cm.

  • Internal dimensions: max length 120cm, max width 99cm, max depth 69cm.

  • Seat size: 58cm x 35cm.

  •  Water capacity: 470 litres - 80% filled.

  •  Floor inflated to 6cm depth, so well cushioned.

  •  Filled weight (with labouring mum) 560-600kg.

  •  Unfilled weight 9kg.


  • Pool - 0.55mm eco-friendly PVC.

  • Liner - 0.22mm eco-friendly PVC.

Terms and Conditions of Hire can be found here: -

Some useful reading below from the NCT regarding waterbirth -

We are releasing the new "Tranquility" liners and the new "Tranquility" pool to NHS maternity units and birth centres as well as to midwives and doulas throughout the UK and Europe. Speak to us if you are a professional and interested in using this new product.
✉ Contact us; ☏ 01526 344266

We are also looking for distributors and partners in a number of locations and would be keen to hear from you regarding your requirements.
International Distributors & Partners

The Netherlands
Oerbron - oerbron.nl; ✉ info@oerbron.nl; ☏ 085-06 09 147
Copara - copara.nl; ✉ info@copara.nl; ☏ 030-2271566

Nordic Birth 
www.nordicbirth.se; ✉ hej@nordicbirth.se; ☏ +46735120652 

Mon Enfantement
☏ 0783383397

Coming soon

Coming soon

Enquiries welcome

USA & Canada
Your Water Birth 
www.yourwaterbirth.com; ✉ sales@yourwaterbirth.com; ☏ 509-962-8630

In His Hands
www.inhishands.com; ✉ help@inhishands.com; ☏ 800-247-4045

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Customer Reviews (2)
Mia Via Pro delivery suite Hire
Hired pool package from here which included seat and floor pad and couldn’t recommend enough. Easy to order and any problems they are always very helpful. Delivery and collection also very easy to arrange.
The hire service was fantastic - delivered on time and easy to arrange. The pool was brilliant and easy to set up. Return was super easy to arrange. Highly recommended.