Pre Birth

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magnesium sulphate 100g 4pack
Epsom Salts 4x100g sachets
pregnancy pamper kit
A beautifully packaged set for a pampered pregnancy
Massaging the perineum with this oil helps avoid tearing during labour
A great drink for mums-to-be
Raspberry leaf tea helps the cervix dilate evenly and effectively when labour starts
Organic & higher in the needed Raspberry leaf
For peace of mind when waiting for waters to break
Single bed sized bed protector with tuck flaps
A pack of 4 super absorbent disposable bed pads with 2 FREE car seat pads.
A simple & effective heat pack
Handy anti-bacterial hand gel
Get more use out of your bras during and after pregnancy

Pre Birth / Pregnancy

Birth Supplies are pleased to offer you a selection of products that will help during your pregnancy and prepare yourself ready for the big day.

We have products ranging from natural remedies, herbal teas and tablets, to protective sheets for your floors, furniture and car.