Quilted Bed Protector with Flaps
Item code: D-114
Single bed sized bed protector with tuck flaps
£ 15.99

Quilted Bed Protector with Flaps

This waterproof quilted pad is manufactured from the highest quality materials. Added flaps to tuck under the mattress to keep the pad in place.

Ideal for a variety of situations - pregnancy, labour, toilet training. 

It is designed to withstand hundreds of boil washes and tumble dries (with bleach added to the wash if required). The waterproof Vinyl backing is guaranteed never to crack.



  • Compact when folded up, it is perfectly portable.
  • Absorbs both moisture and odour.
  • 100% absorbent and waterproof.
  • Can be machine washed, tumble dried and bleached.
  • Poly cotton surface, absorbent middle layer and vinyl backing (new phthalate and lead-free PVC).

One Size - 90cm x 85cm with flaps measuring an extra 50cm each to enable you to secure the sheet in place.

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